“Sunshine” by Young Empires: Single Review

Earlier this week, Young Empires released a new single entitled “Sunshine”. Now, the most I’ve heard from them before this is probably songs in the backgrounds of some shows I watch, or just simply not knowing that that’s who I was listening to if it was anything bigger than that. However there’s a time and chance to listen to everything pretty much, so we go forward into today’s review none the less.

“Sunshine” starts out pretty heavy on the beat and quickly mixes in a more electronic melody. The vocals blend easily with the more beat heavy part of the song, and the energy the song possesses is almost palpable. It has an upbeat feeling to it and moves at a pretty steady pace. It holds the attention really well, and despite getting a little bit repetitive in places “Sunshine” has a few moments that stand out against the backdrop of the song. It’s somewhat sweet, and has this deep sense of emotion to it that really pulls me in all the more.

The song certainly caught my attention that’s for sure. It’s definitely worth a listen because it’s really good. Young Empires has released a few other singles since Wake All My Youth and the vast majority of them seem to be attached to a new, upcoming album. I’ll definitely be staying tuned to see what they’ll be releasing next.

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