“Four Year Strong” by Four Year Strong, Album Review

Four Year Strong Album Cover. Image Cred: Pure Noise RecordsFour Year Strong’s anticipated self-titled album drops tomorrow, June 2nd, through Pure Noise Records. It’s a heavy rock record, driven mostly by guitar and a melody you can perfectly picture being the soundtrack of a pop-punk mosh pit. Along with the undeniable rock n roll, punk vibe comes catchy melodies and clever lyrics that make this album the one not to miss.

The first thing you notice about this album is the guitar. The guitar has a heavy presence throughout all of the record, but within its presence come unique riffs and melody that help to draw your attention in. Overall, the instrumentals in this are fantastic. There’s no one element or instrument that stands out at all times or in particular at any time. For most of Four Year Strong, all of the instruments combine, merge and meld together to create a singular sound, all without sound flat.

While the technique of having the instrumentals sound like one voice works great for the instrumentals, it didn’t work great for the vocals. While the instruments were this loud, singular element that grabbed your attention, they almost totally overwhelmed the vocals. It was even hard at a few spots to understand the lyrics. However, this was only one small thing and didn’t distract from the overall experience of Four Year Strong too much.

The lyrics were catchy, clever, and always fit the overall feel of the music. In songs like “Eating My Words” and “Gravity,” you’re greeted by these clever but meaningful lines sung by loud, expressive vocals. It reminds me a lot of All Time Low’s lyric and story telling. But where All Time Low makes their vocals the lead narrator of the songs, Four Year Strong let their music tell the tale in the newest album.

Overall, Four Year Strong’s self-titled album is an absolutely wonderful experience. With a wonderful flow from one song to the next, the album creates an energy that sticks with you even after the album stops playing. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

The new, self-titled album drops June 2nd through Pure Noise Records. But if you want to hear it now, you can on Fuse.tv

Image Cred: Pure Noise Records

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