“Beautiful Day” by Jon Bon Jovi: Single Review

Earlier this week a new Jon Bon Jovi song was released, though it isn’t necessarily a new single off the album that was mentioned to be in the works back in February. instead “Beautiful Day” is Jon Bon Jovi’s contribution to Finding Neverland: The Album, a project that reimagines the songs from the Broadway musical of the same name (which is in turn based off the 2004 movie) through help from vocalist like Jon Bon Jovi, John Legend, and Christina Aguilera.

The song in particular starts off quietly, but builds quickly. The vocals and lyrics are dripping with the sense of wonder that Peter Pan always manages to capture. The energy of the song builds intensely and pulls the listener into it’s upbeat and joyful demeanor. Bon Jovi’s vocals lend themselves well to the vocals and the exciting music, and all facets of the song blend together simply beautifully. The song is positively excellent, and I don’t doubt that the rest of this album is going to be the same level of fantastic.

While there’s not much news on the new Bon Jovi album just yet, this track does more than enough to get me pumped for new music from Bon Jovi as well as hearing the rest of waht’s going to be featured on Finding Neverland: The Album, which is currently set to release on June 9. Both seem like they’re going to be great listens at this point in time.

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