“Trust You” by Rob Thomas, Single Review

“Trust You” by Rob Thomas is the first single from his upcoming solo album, The Great Unknown. Thomas has worked with everyone from Carlos Santana to Mick Jagger, as well as writing songs for his band Matchbox Twenty. He is easily classified as one of the best songwriters of modern music. So him teaming up with fellow superstar songwriter Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) for “Trust You” meant that greatness was bound to happen. And we weren’t disappointed.

The song is driven by a bouncy melody and has all of the creative sounds and mixtures that we’ve come to expect from Rob Thomas’ songs, whether they’re his solo work or with Matchbox Twenty. The particular way that this song is mixed reminds me of his first solo album, … Something to Be. The interesting combination of sound over sound to create that intriguing contrast that we loved off of that album is definitely in “Trust You.”

With that being said, the heavy pop elements of “Trust You” have Tedder written all over them. While the instrumentals in Rob Thomas’ songs usually kind of challenge what you would expect to hear on a pop-station, this falls a little bit more in line with what you would expect to hear on the Top 40s station. But the melody and how it’s produced is still unique enough to make it stand out. It is still, undeniably, a Rob Thomas song.

But even more than the bouncy melody and the unique-pop sound, it’s the absolutely amazing songwriting that really makes “Trust You” stand out. With both Thomas and Tedder working on this song, I expected something exceptional. And that’s what we got. The lyrics, as Thomas told Entertainment Weekly, are about that one friend that can talk you into anything because you trust them. And whenever you hang out with them is the best time ever. There’s not nearly enough songs that are about friendships, let alone those unique once in a life time friendships. With unique hooks like “Now it’s on like Revlon” paired to the bouncy melody, you’re just drawn in. And before you know it, you’re dancing.

“Trust You” does not disappoint, and it leaves me absolutely ecstatic about what we’re going to hear next.

Image Cred: Atlantic Records

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