“Run Away” by Darling Parade: Single Review

Darling Parade is still a relatively new discovery for me, but damn is it a great one. Yesterday though I was graced with a brand new single from them entitled “Run Away”. This single is probably the first off the new album that they’ve been teasing at since late last November so I’m pretty excited for whats coming up next from this group because they’ve got my attention.

“Run Away” starts off with a jamming guitar melody that pulls you directly into the song and catches you with a high amount of energy that stays pretty level through the whole song. The vocals blend easily with the back vocals, making you really want to run away with this song whenever you hit play. The song seems upbeat and holds my attention extraordinarily well. It blends a variety of speeds and techniques with an absolute ease that doesn’t take away from the energy of the song in the slightest.

All in all, “Run Away” makes me think that the upcoming album from Darling Parade is going to be great even if I can’t find a ton of information on it just yet. I’m excited to hear what comes next from the group, and will definitely be keeping my ears and eyes primed for more information.

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