“Ordinary” by Post Paradise, Single Review

"Ordinary" cover. Image Cred: La FamosThe new rock single, “Ordinary,” from Post Paradise is the first from their upcoming EP. The song seems to draw influences from the likes of RED and Evanescence, and only further establishes Post Paradise as a band to recognize.

The most recognizable and unique element to Post Paradise is the cello by Amy Morgan. This provides a softer side to the guitar and percussions, and helps to highlight the overall melody of the song. While Morgan’s cello isn’t the main focus of “Ordinary,” it’s still got a heavy presence and helps to move the melody along. Not only that, but it gives the otherwise instrumentally heavy song a lighter feel, making it overall easier on the ears.

The vocals and lyrics are absolutely outstanding too, easily one of my favorite parts of the song. The vocals blend in easily with the melody of the song, without being overpowering. Nick Duarte’s vocals have a sort of Rob Thomas feel, especially from the earlier Matchbox Twenty albums. Like Thomas, Duarte has a control over his voice and knows exactly how to use it to create that desired effect. And the lyrics do an absolutely wonderful job of telling a story, and with the actual notes of the song they help to create an emotion in the listener. And as an added plus, the overall theme of “Ordinary” is one that most if not every listener will be able to resonate with.

Post Paradise is a really out of the box band that takes the elements of different genres to create a totally new sound all of their own. While you can hear their influences from the artists before them, there isn’t a doubt that every single note of “Ordinary” is completely original. Definitely a track that I’ll listen to over and over again.

Image Cred: Ed Ziehm

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