“Afternoon” by The Foresters, Song Review

The Foresters. Credit to We Shall See Records.“Afternoon” by the Foresters is the first single off of Sun Songs, dropping this summer. The track has a definite folksy sound to it, and is driven by a single melody that can be heard in all of the different elements of the song, from the percussion to the synthesizer. But even with a single melody leading the way throughout “Afternoon,” you can still hear the same unique sounds that gave The Foresters their fame.

The Foresters are an indie band from Connecticut, formed by three brothers in 2010 at the very young ages of eleven, nine, and eight. Since 2010, the Foresters have produced two albums and won several awards. Now with “Afternoon,” they’re well on their way to another amazing album.

“Afternoon” itself combines mainly a synthesizer and various percussion instruments to create a variety of almost out of this world sounds, all of which form to make the melody that’s present throughout the whole song. It’s a creative song with a catchy melody that’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head for hours.

However, as much as I absolutely love “Afternoon,” it’s not a song that I would play over and over again. While the melody is unique, creative, and catchy – it becomes monotonous after more than one or two plays. In fact, the vocals kind of blend together and you have a hard time catching what the out-of-the-box creative and wonderful lyrics are saying. But with that in mind, “Afternoon” is an absolutely wonderful song and I can’t wait to hear the rest of Sun Songs.

Image Cred: We Shall See Records

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