Last week Owl City released a new song featuring Aloe Blacc. Initially I was underwhelmed because I had other things occupying my mind so I haven’t done a full listen through, but perhaps now that I’m a little calmer I can do a proper review and perhaps the song won’t be as overwhelming. i really like Owl City, and its rare for me to not enjoy a song at least a little bit.

“Verge” starts with a quick, guitar paced melody that leads into deep and steady vocals at first. However, a second set of vocals enters with a higher pitch and electronic effects drizzled over them. The two vocal extremes blend easily together with the rest of the melody, and the fast paced song moves along quickly and with ease. It’s an upbeat song that’s dripping in optimism, and despite how shocking it was to my ear drums the first time I heard it I certainly can get behind the overall energy of the song.

So, while this particular Owl City song had a rough start with me, it certainly made a comeback! “Verge” takes some getting used to if you don’t listen heavily to electronic based songs, but in the end it is worth it. If you give it a chance and it doesn’t catch your ears then try again in a few days when you know what to expect when you hit play. Other than that, it’s just another great song from Owl City.