“Transmission Cinema” by Illogistical Resource Dept., Album Review

Illogistical Resource Dept. Image Cred: Muddy Paw PR

Illogistical Resource Dept. Image Cred: Muddy Paw PRTransmission Cinema is the sophomore album from the band Illogistical Resource Dept. It drops May 19th through Aphagia Records, but thanks to the awesome people at Muddy Paw PR, Music Unlabeled got to review it early. And we absolutely loved it.

Running Music Unlabeled has given me the chance to listen to all sorts of artists and genres, and hear sounds that I would have never imagined otherwise. But IRD is easily the most unique band that I’ve heard so far. Each sound – whether it’s from an instrument or a sound clip – works with the others to create a totally new sound that’s completely out of this world. From the first song to the last, you’re never bored.

Illogistical Resource Dept has listed one of their influences as Pink Floyd. And you can definitely tell that’s the case. Transmission Cinema has the exact same effect as The Wall. The unique music paints a perfect picture in your mind of what they’re singing about. In much the same way that you could perfectly see the children revolting against the tyrannical school in “Another Brick In The Wall pt. 2,” you can easily see the urchins marching out of the sea and invading the human world in “March of the Urchins.” You can perfectly imagine all of it, to every song.

Despite the different pictures and varying, unique sounds, Transmission Cinema still has an incredibly nice flow to it. From one song to the next, nothing seems out of place. But yet, no song sounds exactly the same, or is singing about exactly the same thing. It’s like reading a book, where each song is the chapter and the album is the story.

In the end, I absolutely love the album. It’s definitely one of my favorites that I’ll listen to again and again. And I cannot wait to see what else the band has in store.

Transmission Cinema drops May 19th through Aphagia Records.

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