“Great Big Storm” by Nate Ruess: Single Review

Nate Ruess is a fantastic singer and has made quite a name for himself as the lead vocalist in Fun. Recently it’s come to my attention that we’re getting a bit more from him than just what he happens to release with his band. Yes, Nate Ruess is releasing his first solo album and today’s review is going to be a recent single of his that really caught my attention when i was scrolling through possibilities.

“Great Big Storm” starts off with great big vocals that lead the way into the explosions of instruments and melody. The beginning grabs the attention, and then the song slows to a softer and slower melody, countering the big opening with ease. The song picks up momentum as it draws on, drawing an emotional energy. towards the end the entire style of the song changes for a verse, taking on a more grating and intense song that easily flows with the rest of the song. It returns to the soft melody that helped define the entire song before the proper end of the song, and all together holds the attention fabulously. To me the song has an underlying tone of confidence and optimism in the face of adversity and it simply makes me love it all the more.

“Great Big Storm” is an extremely interesting song to listen to, and it certainly makes one think about what else is going to be on the album. It is a very familiar sound of course, but it works great with Nate Ruess’s vocal talents. The other songs released so far suggest that there will be a lot of play, so I definitely recommend listening to all of the songs released so far and keeping an eye out for the full release of Grand Romantic on June 16.

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