“The Story So Far” by The Story So Far, Album Review

'The Story So Far' album cover. Image Cred: Pure Noise RecordsThe new, self-titled album from The Story So Far is their third album, and the follow up to their 2013 hit What You Don’t See. Within seconds of The Story So Far starting, you’re transported right back into the familiar sounds that have been present throughout many of the band’s albums. Basically, the same overall feel that The Story So Far has always had is there, but enhanced by added growth and experience both instrumentally and personally.

There’re so many songs on this album that stand out to me that it’s unfair to only pick a handful. They all have beautiful melodies and great lyrics, and it’s easy to get lost in them. “Distaste” was just one of my favorites, because of the way that the music enhances that overall feeling that’s created by the lyrics. It expresses that feeling, the emotions in an actual tangible way. But turning emotions and feelings and experiences into tangible things seems to be an underlying theme of The Story So Far, so if “Distaste” isn’t to your taste you don’t need to worry.

Another underlying theme of the album seems to be relationships, but not with anyone in particular. So the relationships could be with anyone, or anything – with your significant other, with your friends, with your family, with yourself, with your thoughts, with society, with God. It’s open to interpretation. But most of the time, you’re too busy jamming and lost in the actual feeling of the song to worry about what it actually all means.

The vocals by Parker Cannon aren’t the best that I’ve heard. But it’s not how he sings and the techniques and his range that make the vocals great. It’s the way that he sings. Cannon sings with a lot of emotion and heart, and that’s what makes the vocals on this album so great. Without them, the music wouldn’t have as much depth as it does. And you wouldn’t be able to feel the actual emotions, especially in songs like “Mock” and “Phantom.”

As The Story So Far progresses, you can start to hear the changes that make this album stand out from the others. This slow progression is great because it gives new listeners a feel for what The Story So Far sounds like, and long-time fans aren’t feeling lost in the new sounds that are slowly added into it. And every song is able to resonate with the listeners on some level, whether because we’ve had the experience or experienced the feeling before. And that’s the best thing about this album.

The Story So Far is going to drop on May 19th, through Pure Noise Records. But if you’re curious and want to listen early, you can head over to MerchNow and listen to it early.

Image Cred to Pure Noise Records

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