“Songs I Can’t Listen To” by Neon Trees: Single Review

So last week, a new Neon Tress song was released. It’s only been around a year since their last album came out, so this song comes as a welcome surprise considering it’s not listed on any version of Pop Psychology. This new track, “Songs I Can’t Listen To”, presently just exists as part of their music catalog, but it certainly deserves a decent amount of attention.

For the most part, “Songs I Can’t Listen To” sticks to the personal sound that Neon Trees has developed over the course of their albums. It’s worked well for them so far, especially since each song maintains its own unique qualities despite the upbeat pacing and vocals that are evocative a smooth. “Songs I Can’t Listen To” plays with a more electronic vibe at points, mixing in some deeper notes and helping make it’s own unique space while still hitting all the points that I’ve come to associate with the band.

It’s a great song with an extremely relatable subject manner. It is certainly worth your time, especially if you’re already a fan of the band. Presently, I don’t know whether this single is attached to a larger project or not. And I’m kind of content to just let it be until there is more information on what comes next for Neon Trees and their music.

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