“Feeling Good” by Avicii: Single Review

Yet another cover of the ever beautiful and ever present “Feeling Good”, this is always worth the attention because there is so much that can be done with the track. This particular version happens to be by Avicii, who normally puts out beautiful music anyway so I’m particularly excited to hear this particular cover.

This time, the song starts out with a soft, vibrating energy, with strong and haunting vocals that seem to echo in the back of the mind as the song builds ever so slowly. It explodes into a more groovy sound that pulls down the haunting quality of the vocals as they transition into a more intensely evocative and somewhat provocative sound, before changing directions yet again. The song has at least four parts that are musically separate from each other to my ears. overall the song builds up to an intense and loud period that slowly fades out into the same quiet feeling that opened the song.

This is a fantastic cover. I truly mean that. I absolutely love it, no doubt about it, and I definitely recommend that you take the time to listen to it. This cover has so much to offer and touches on so many musical directions that it teeters on the very precipice of being too much, but Avicii manages to piece it together in a way that is absolutely divine.

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