“Running With The Wolves” by AURORA: EP Review

I feel like I’ve done a lot of singles lately, so I’m mixing it up a bit with this interesting EP that caught my eye. This is another of those situations where I just grabbed something with no knowledge of the genre or the artist so it’s bound to be a fun time. It’s a short EP, clocking in at four songs, but it’s still enough of a change to really get the mind rolling.

“Runaway” is the first track on the album. It starts off with eerie sounding distant vocals building the melody of the song as a loud echoing dripping sound enters the song, before the vocals change to adding lyrical content. It’s a very vocally driven song, varying from slow to really quick paced. There’s a lot of talent in the song, and a lot of neat tricks that add a ton of dimensions to the vocals. There’s just enough in the background for the majority of the song that it doesn’t give off a sparse feeling. There’s a lot of changes in pacing and pitch that hold the attention with ease. There are periods where the more electric background is more obvious, easily matching the more intense periods of voice. The song flows incredibly easily all together.  “Running With the Wolves” starts off a little quicker than the first song, and has a bit more going on in the instruments departments even if the song is also dominated and driven by the vocals. The song has more of a steady pacing to it, and it’s incredibly fast paced therein. “In Boxes” begins with a slower pace, and the dripping sounds of the first track. It quickly delves into a slightly quirkier melody than the previous two songs, easily standing out on its own even with techniques borrowed from the previous songs. “Little Boy In The Grass” is the final track and begins with a lot of melody and high pitched vocals that hold a steady pacing even as they reach even higher notes. The song changes to a deeper base at points, but flows easily from silence to the high pitched to the deeper sounds before rounding back to silence. It’s an interesting pattern, and the vocals never really fall into low notes.It’s an excellent song to wrap up on because it really stays in your mind after it finishes.

It’s a very interesting EP and it is more than worth the short time it takes to listen to all four songs. AURORA is definitely an artist that’s going on my radar because there is just so much going for this EP. I honestly enjoyed it, and I’m definitely going to be sticking around for more from the artist.

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