“I of the Storm” by Of Monsters and Men: Single Review

Earlier this week another new single from Of monsters and men was released, marking the every steady march of time until their new album is officially released. It’s not so long now, but long enough that each new single can cause a tremor of excitement. I try to hold off on covering every single that becomes available, but sometimes the excitement is just too much to resists. Especially with a title that easily peaks my interest.

“I of the Storm” starts off with a high pitched humming noise that’s quickly joined by a patterned drumming. The combined effects brings up a slight military feel to mind, but the vocals quickly dispel too much of a similarity. The song is pretty steadily paced at first, picking up speed as it continues. The build is taken in easy steps, never jumping drastically from one range to the other. Overall, the song is very quietly powerful and subtly evocative.

It holds the attention well, but it’s on the borderline of being too slow for the length in places for me. That doesn’t take too much away from it of course, but it does mean that I wavered ever so slightly at parts because of how poorly I tend to sleep. It is a really nice song all the same though. Of monsters and Men’s new album, Beneath The Skin, is presently set to release on June 9.

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