April 2015’s Top 10 Songs

Life is busy, we get it. Sometimes you get so caught up in an artist that you completely forget what other artists are up to. Just in case you missed something though, we’ve got you covered. And we’ve covered all of them already too. For in-depth reviews of the songs and links to the videos, be sure to click on the titles.

10. “Alive Tonight” by Grace Potter
Her vocals are as amazing as ever, as is the melody and lyrics in this head-bopping new song. While it might not have lived up to our usual standards for Grace Potter, it is a groovy jam that will make you wondering what else this superstar has up her sleeve.

9. “The Chemicals” by Garbage 
This Record Store Day special feature from the hit-band Garbage is enough to make any fan scream. The video is even better. The song captivates and enchants you from the first note, and the lyrics paint a perfect picture in your mind of what they’re talking about.

8. “Ship to Wreck” by Florence + The Machine
A guitar driven super jam with lots to live up to, Florence + The Machine smash back onto the scene with this amped-up track that leaves you excited to see what else they’re going to come out with.

7. “I Am The Fire” by Halestorm
An amazing track from an amazing band, “I Am The Fire” will take you on a journey to leave your head spinning and wanting more. Luckily, they also released their latest album on April 10th.

6. “Bees” by Smoke Season
“Bees” is a simple but attractive song by the band Smoke Season. The vocal-driven song will have you feeling like you’re melting away into a totally different atmosphere.

5. “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert 
Fresh off his tour with Queen, Adam Lambert is back with his own electro-rock song. It amps you up and leaves you wanting more, keeping your attention from the first note. As always, Adam’s vocals are what really pushes it over the edge.

4. “Hallelujah” by Panic! At The Disco 
They’re baaaaackkkk. Infused with gospel influences and sinful songwriting, “Hallelujah” is possibly one of our favorite tracks from this April. If the lyrics aren’t enough to capture and keep your attention, then the uplifting melody will. And you’ll be playing it on repeat over and over again.

3. “Woman (Oh Mama)” by Joy Williams 
This almost primal song will have your inner feminist leaping for joy and singing at the top of your lungs. With the simple yet intricate melodies, you will feel like you’re slowly coming alive with every notes of this fantastic song.

2. “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots 
This anthem to the Generation X kids who went through the most social and economic changes growing up, and now have to deal with the burden of those changes as they struggle to get a grasp of what adulthood is supposed to be like will let you know that you’re not alone. As well as being lyrically and instrumentally unique in every way, it’s a genuinely comforting song that will have you playing the repeat button all through May.

1. “Return of the Gargoyles” by Illogistical Resource Dept. 
We’re not biased or anything right? A little bit ago we premiered the new song by Illogistical Resource Dept., and it’s still my favorite. The song is instrumentally and lyrically unique, capturing you from the first verse and leaving you craving for more.

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