“New Rush” by Gin Wigmore: Single Review

Today’s review is going to be another of those that just happened across and decided to give it a go for the fun of it. “New Rush” has been out for about a week now, and that’s about all I know about both the track and the artist at this point! I’ve never knowingly listened to a Gin Wigmore song before, but there’s always a time to fix that!

The song starts off with an eerie feel that’s grating for a moment before the guitars and drums add a stronger rhythm to the song. The vocals have an electric feel to them and stand out drastically from the initial impression that the song gives. “New Rush” has a pretty decent pace, and flows easily while holding the attention. There’s a quiet energy to the song that seems to help push the listener forward with the song.

The song has an interesting mix of sounds to it, and it certainly peaked my interests in Gin Wigmore. I’ll definitely be paying a bit closer attention to their music library in the future because it is such an extremely interesting sound. “New Rush” is certainly worth a listen, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

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