“Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert: Single Review

Adam Lambert has always managed to put out fun and evocative songs that really hold my attention whenever I listen to him, so I’m kind of really psyched for his third album, The Original High. So since “Ghost Town”, the first single off the album, dropped this week, it seemed like a great idea for today’s post.

The song starts off with a melodic guitar that easily leads into the vocals that have a slight echoing effect on them, taking the listener to a wide open space with the simple sound of the song. This only last for a little while and then the energy picks up considerably, taking on a more electric approach and seeming to come from all sorts of directions. The echoing effect makes a few more appearances through the song, so it still seems like you’re hearing it in a really wide open space, but at the same time the electric effects seem to hold you in one place.

The song is evocative and really holds the attention. It certainly lives up to all of my other favorite tracks from Adam Lambert, and makes me interested in hearing the rest of the album that is on the way. There is no concrete release date for The Original High yet, but it is expected to be a late spring or early summer release so while the wait is indefinite, it may not be too long.

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