Of Machines Vocalist Goes Missing with Fan-Donated Money

Of Machines Hexagon Symbol. Image Cred: Wikimedia

Of Machines Hexagon Symbol. Image Cred: Wikimedia For the last ear, Of Machines have supposedly been working on what was supposed to be their final EP, titled Chroma Dreamcoat EP. The new EP is entirely crowd-funded, except instead of using Kickstarter like TLC did for their upcoming album, Of Machines were requesting donations directly through PayPal. It’s estimated that the band has raised over a $1000 dollars from donations for their fans.

However, not much has been heard from the band in the last few months. After a long period of silence, Of Machines finally came forward and announced that the Chroma Dreamcoat EP isn’t happening. Dylan Anderson, the vocalist for the band, has gone off the map. And since the PayPal account was in Anderson’s name, all of the money is gone with him.

On April 17th, Of Machines posted this message on their page:

Hey everyone,

With a heavy heart.. it doesn’t seem like the chroma season ep is going to happen… After months of trying to contact Dylan he, unfortunately, is MIA. Music has been written, but without a vocalist this ep doesn’t seem possible.

Thank you to everyone who believed in us so much enough to give us a second chance to record. We really wish we were able to provide you with more.

As far as refunds please contact Dylan Anderson, we hope he will do the right thing and refund everyone their money they donated. If anyone else in the band had access to any of the pay pal accounts refunds would have already be given. But unfortunately the donation account was under his name.

Thank you everyone for your support. you all are the best people we have ever had to believe in us.

We love you all.

If anyone would like we could release our demos with out vocals and all of you could finish our ep with us.

Of Machines have posted two demos from the final release on PureVolume, encouraging their fans to add vocals to them.

Image Cred: WikiMedia

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