“The Chemicals” by Garbage (featuring Brain Aubert), Music Video and Song Review

Garbage Band. Image Cred: Alt Press“The Chemicals” is the latest song from Garbage, an alternative rock band formed in 1993. This is the first new content we’ve heard from their band since their fifth album, Not Your Kind of People released in 2012. “The Chemicals” is just one of two songs being released on a two-track, 10 inch record in celebration of Record Store Day on April 18th.

The actual song starts off with an almost eerie electronic rock melody that captures your attention instantly. The vocals from Shirley Manson push that feeling a little bit overboard. The further you go into the song, the more the electronic elements are faded out in favor of the classic guitar and drums. The eerie melody doesn’t fade right away though, especially with the lyrics to the song. Even though it’s a little eerie feeling, you can’t help but to keep listening. It’s almost got you on the edge of your seat, but just almost. Around the first time that the chorus comes around, you’re relaxing into it and even jamming a little. It’s almost like you’re surrendering to the chemicals that are released in your brain when you’re listening to good music.

The video fits “The Chemicals” to a tee. Everything from the cinematography, the scene, the actors used – everything just amplifies the meaning behind the song, the message, and the feeling that you get while listening to it. When talking about the song and the video, Manson said, “We’ve always been talking about the beauty of small punk clubs. We were sort of rueing with the loss of a lot of those clubs that Sophie [the director] and I grew up in – that sort of sweaty excitement and the sensuality that comes when you cram people in such a tiny space.”

One thing is for sure, “The Chemicals” captures that exact feeling very well. And the video gives that whole feeling and atmosphere that Manson was talking about an amazing visual. When paired with the talents of Brain Aubert, the front man from Silversun Pickups, it’s an almost out of this world experience.

Rating: 4.8/5

Image Cred: Alternative Press

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