Record Store Day 2015 Guide

Record Store Day Logo. Image Cred: Wondering Sound

Record Store Day Logo. Image Cred: Wondering SoundRecord Store Day was an event founded in 2007 to bring awareness to locally owned record stores, which in today’s digital music age are practically extinct. Since its launch in 2007, the holiday is celebrated by bands and fans worldwide – including artists like Green Day, Garbage, Jethro Tull, and even Paul McCartney.

However, if you’re a newbie to the holiday, there are something’s that you need to know. First off, there are three different categories for Record Store Day: Exclusive releases, limited run/regional focus releases, and first releases.

Exclusive releases are vinyl that you can only get at record stores who are active participants for Record Store Day. These releases aren’t typically found anywhere else, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Limited run/regional focus releases are releases that are still only available to participating record store day stores, but they might not see national distribution. It’s also typical for there not to be as many prints of the vinyl released under this category.

First releases are releases that will be released to Record Store Day participating stores before any other stores – but the releases definitely will, later on, be available at other stores. So you can relax if you don’t get the titles released under this category the first time around.

But how do you know what stores are participating in Record Store Day? You can go right on over to this special page on the Record Store Day website.

So… now that you know the low down, what can you expect for Record Store Day 2015? Well, lots of things. The Record Store Day Ambassador this year is Dave Grohl, the front man for the Foo Fighters. So when you take that into consideration, it’s no surprise that they’re releasing a special something. They’re releasing a 10-inch called Songs From the Laundry Room which will feature two demos, a cover of “Kids in America” originally by Kim Wilde, and a new song called “Empty Handed.” Paul McCartney will be re-releasing the soundtrack to The Family Way, which was a 1966 film that he did the musical score to, and has been out of print for some time. And David Bowie will be releasing two different 7-inch vinyls; Changes and Kingdom Come. All of these will be Exclusive Releases for Record Store Day.

Metallica isn’t releasing a record. Instead, they’re releasing a cassette tape that was recorded in 1982, No Life Til Leather – one of their earliest demo tapes, remastered and making its first official release for Record Store Day. In the first release category, Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes will be released on vinyl for the first time, and then distributed in other stores later this year. Bruce Springsteen will also be releasing remastered LP vinyl editions of his first seven albums for Record Store Day, to be released later this year.

There are plenty more that are rumored to appear – this is just the tip of the iceberg. And you never know what gems you might find in your local record store. So what better day to go out and look?

Image Cred: Wondering Sound

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