“Backbone” by Thomston: EP Review

This is another one of those reviews where i just went scrolling through Spotify and it looked interesting enough. Hopefully it lives up to that impression since it’s getting an entire review, albeit a slightly quick paced one since the EP is only four songs long.

“Second To You” starts the EP off, opening with the vocals stark against a silent background. The song starts off really simple, the vocals carrying the full weight of it. Slowly the song builds, but it’s clear that it’s going to very vocally driven. It’s a moderately paced song, but it’s incredibly relaxing to listen to. It’s a nice slow introduction to the album. “Grey” begins with a bit more of an electronic sound, and the vocals take a bit to take over the song. The vocals stand out easily from the previous track. The song keeps to a moderate pace again for the most part, but it speeds up a little towards the middle of the song. It creates an easy flow on the EP for the most part, and crests the halfway point with ease. “To and Fro” starts with a return to vocals over silence, calling back to the first song at first, but having a promise of landing somewhere in between the first and second tracks. The pacing of the song is slightly quicker than either of the first two songs, and it really makes it stand out on the EP. It grabs the attention again after the two slower songs before it. “Collarbones” ends the EP and opens with a distant drumming song and slightly duller vocals. It draws the attention in with a slow build that continues to keep the attention as it slowly surges up in power. It has a slower pace, but even that seems to build little by little. The song seems to exist as a build of energy that never fully crashes down over the listener because it seems to constantly build. It ends quietly, but the energy of it lingers.

I’m very much in the middle of the road when it comes to the album. It’s still got me intrigued, but it was a bit slow for my tastes. All the same, I recommend giving it a listen because there is a lot of talent in this short EP and that only brings the promise of great things in the inevitable future.

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