“Ship To Wreck” by Florence + the Machine: Single Review

Florence + the Machine puts out some absolutely beautiful and evocative music, so is it any surprise that I’m really looking forward to their upcoming album? In any case, another new song off the upcoming album was released! The third single off the album, but the first track on it, “Ship To Wreck” has a lot to live up to already, both in terms of what the group has put out in the past and the recent releases from Florence + the Machine.

The track starts off quickly with a blend off melodic guitars that carry the quick pace with ease. Florence Welch’s iconic voice cuts in easily, blending her vocals easily with the quick paced backing instruments. The song seems to build in energy little by little, mixing in several sounds that I’ve come to associate with Florence + the Machine’s general sound. Welch’s voice switches between the multiple ranges of the song’s vocals with ease, blending in the high notes with the lower ones easily, and switching from larger to smaller garnishes on her voice for bot ranges of notes. The song never looses its energy, but it cuts off rather suddenly at the end.

The song leaves you vibrating with its energy, and it certainly makes a great opening for whenever the album comes out because the silence after it ended just felt empty. It was a fantastic song with a lot of energy and I am completely hyped about what else is going to be on the upcoming album. How Big, how blue, How Beautiful is set to release at the very beginning of June.

2 thoughts on ““Ship To Wreck” by Florence + the Machine: Single Review

  1. […] “Ship to Wreck” has been previously reviewed, and I honestly can’t add much more to my thoughts on it, so even though it’s the entry into the album we’re going to go right in to the second song. “What Kind of Man” starts off with a wide open sound and vocals that have an electronic vibe to them. The hum of energy that the song creates draws the listener into it. The song builds slowly and explodes into a beautiful harmony of sounds while simultaneously being on the louder spectrum. The song in general has a really big sound, and really holds up well when compared to what the group has already put out into the world. “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” was previously heard as a snippet in the announcement video for the album. This track begins quieter than the previous track ended on, but the vocals are enticing and draw the listener into the melody of the song. This titular track is slower at first, but picks up speed and energy as it plays. By the end though, it’s slowed back down to the pace that it started at. “Queen of Peace” opens with a really light and fairy tale like blend of sounds that build up quickly to a fast paced song that travels easily, losing some of the more airy qualities and retaining others. The vocals are big and exuberant, really displaying the full talents of Florence’s voice. It’s a fantastically energetic track that draws the listener along and holds the attention really well. “Various Storms & Saints” starts off slower, with a darker feel both vocally and musically, drawing the listener in with the evocative effect that Florence + the Machine so commonly have. The song seems to change its tones from the sadder spectrum of things gradually, taking on a brighter and more optimistic feel of the song. It’s a beautiful transition, and the song really stands out to me because of it. […]

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