“Alive Tonight” by Grace Potter, Single Review

Grace Potter. Image Cred: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Grace Potter. Image Cred: AP Photo/Matt SaylesGrace Potter has made her name famous with songs like “Paris (Ooh La La)” and “Stars” from her previous act as Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Recently she released that she would be going solo, and with that unveiled her new song “Alive Tonight.”

The song seems to be almost like a mash up in the styles of her previous hits. You see, “Paris (Ooh La La)” was a rock song with lots of heavy guitar, killer vocals, and lyrics that made you feel like a rock star every time you sang along to it. Meanwhile, “Stars” was a heartfelt, emotional ballad that would make you spontaneously break down crying because of some memory – but it was beautiful nonetheless. Potter’s new single “Alive Tonight” combines the best instrumental elements of both of those songs to create a catchy pop-song that’s supposed to make you feel, well, alive tonight.

Except, the song doesn’t go quite like that. It has a strong opening, and there’s definitely a lot of the guitar flares that helped shine the spotlight onto Potter in the first place.  And the vocals have never sounded better. Though all of the different elements in the song – the keyboard, different percussions, guitars – are all meshed together so that it’s hard to focus in on the song and there’s no stand out element. The melody is catchy, but it’s the same melody all the way through the song. There’s no real movement, and the song just feels really restricted. This makes it really hard to get lost in the song and actually enjoy it.

That doesn’t mean that “Alive Tonight” is not a good song though! The melody is catchy, the vocals are great, and the lyrics are absolutely outstanding. It’s totally a song that the right person could find themselves in, and maybe even get lost in. In instrumentals and how it’s arranged, I’m less than impressed. Still excited to see what Grace Potter has to offer on her new solo album though.

Song Rating: 3/5

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