“I Am The Fire” by Halestorm: Single Review

I actually got introduced to Halestorm by accident. They were performing before a band I was looking forward to at a music festival i was attending, so I was already in the crowd when they came on to play. They made one hell of an impression on me though because I was enamored and unable to talk about much else for about a week or two afterwards. So of course I’m really excited since they’ve got a new album coming out this month. But this post is really supposed to be about the song they released last week, “I Am the Fire”.

The song starts out with a nice melody that moves at a decent enough pace. The vocals start, and match the song beautifully, drawing you further into the song. Halestorm is one of the more intense bands that I tend to listen to though, so its not long before everything about the song is amped up into a significantly harsher sound. The two extremes quickly find a balance with each other, and the energy of the song really starts to to take precedence. It’s an energy that creeps up before it explodes over the listener.

The song starts to spend more time with the harsher sounds towards the end, building in a way that it’s easy to miss the transition between equal balance and total domination of the song. all in all, I like the song and am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album since Into The Wild Life is set to release on April 10.

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