“Woman (Oh Mama)” by Joy Williams, Single Review

Joy Williams. Image Cred: Joy Williams Online

Joy Williams. Image Cred: Joy Williams Online “Woman (Oh Mama)” by Joy Williams (previously a member of the Civil Wars) was an absolute delight to listen to. I don’t think that there was a thing that I disliked about it. Everything from the message, to the rhythms, to the lyrics, to the vocals. I really actually loved everything about this song. The song starts out with a consistent, great set of almost primal rhythms that acts as the foundation of the song. Thinking back on it, the song is actually really simple in everything from the music to the lyrics. But the amount of depth and meaning that Williams managed to create in this single song is absolutely outstanding.

The instruments are all built up to great a consistent rhythm rather than a constantly changing melody. But the rhythm is absolutely wonderful and captures your attention right off the bat. You can’t help but to think of a drum circle on steroids sort of, gathered around a fire to share a message. And the lyrics certainly do. Coming off more as chants, the lyrics give you a perfect sense of what message and vibe the song is trying to create. They’re simple, but never the less outstanding in their meaning and the message.

The song, to give a summary, tells about everything that a woman is. And the answer is, simply, everything. Women are where life begins, woman are human, women are great, women are “The universe wrapped in skin.” The simple, primal sound to the song helps it resonate on an almost spiritual level, and you’re instantly grinning along and bouncing along and singing. Williams managed to create a three minute and thirty-seven second mantra that will no doubt find a place with every woman in the world. And she did it so creatively, so uniquely. and so perfectly that I doubt any other song is going to compare to this one as far as simplifying why woman are awesome. It’s empowering, and that already puts it high on my list.

Song Rating: 4.8/5

Image Cred: Joy Williams onlineĀ 

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