“Gibberish” by MAX, Song Review

"Gibberish" album art. Image Cred: DCD2 Records“Gibberish” by relatively new artist who goes by the name of MAX, caught my attention on Spotify earlier today. It’s a pop song that combines elements of hip-hop and soul vocals to create something that’s pretty new and exciting, featuring a verse or two by Hoodie Allen. The song is about something that almost everyone can relate to, of course, which is relationships. Specifically cheating in relationships. While vaguely cliche, it brings a hint of relatability to the song. Though the main features of “Gibberish” are the vocals by MAX and the addictive melody.

The vocals kind of remind me of Nick Jonas, the way that MAX’s voice can flow between the notes and dance on the edge of them to bring that sharp edge into the vocals. The lyrics themselves are great, catchy, and everything flows together to paint a picture and create a feeling. While the vocals could use some work, they’re still very impressive considering how new he is. The guest appearance by Hoodie Allen is impressive too, flowing right into the song and finding its place with ease. The only thing that sounds out of place in the song is, actually, the music at the end of the chorus. Everything’s slowed down, the melody is dropped for another one, and I guess that it’s not so out of place that you feel the need to turn off the song, but it’s still pretty offsetting. Even though Hoodie Allen’s verses are tied into that post-chorus melody, it still feels awkward and just sort of forced in there.

The instrumentals in this are really great, and the vocals keep you intrigued from beginning to end even if the actual song does feel disjointed. The lyrics are really great and relatable. And in the end I think this guy could go really far, because he has a lot of talent. “Gibberish” didn’t do too much for me though, but I was impressed by the talent in it. With a lot of work and dedication, I could see MAX becoming a household name. If for no other reason than tweenagers all over the world will be obessed with his musics and good looks.

Song Rating: 3/5

Image Cred: YouTube, MAX

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