“Epidemic” by New Years Day: EP Review

New Years Day is one of those bands that I listen to off and on again because while I like their sound, they haven’t made it on to my list of favorites yet. But then, if all the music i liked instantly made my favorites list there wouldn’t be too much that could be done about it. either way, i’m actually really psyched to get to review some new music from New Years day today, namely the five tracks off the recently released Epidemic EP. From the looks of the album art, this EP is going to be quite the wild ride.

“The Joker” starts off the EP with an intense build that quickly fades into a mix of intense instruments and softer vocals that blend easily into the eerie music box overlay that heralds the start and feel of the song. The song continues to build quickly, balancing the extreme intensity with the softer and eerier effects that are sprinkled throughout the song. The song is attention grabbing and really pulls you along. I think it’s a great entry into the album since it really left me waiting to hear what would jump out at me next. “Other Side” is the second track and starts off a lot more softly at first than “The Joker” did. it amps it up remarkably fast though, and continues to hold my attention on the album, blending in a lot more lively energy to the song in contrast to the angry and eerie feeling that “The Joker” seemed to have. “Other Side” is fast paced but never feels rushed at all as it plays. “Defame Me” is the mid point on the EP, and seems to blend some of the music box effects with a average pacing that pulls the song along to an easy balance of intense vocals and backing instruments to a crescendo of intensity balanced between the more averagely paced verses of the song. The song fits perfectly in the middle for the most part, and actually lets you come down from the two previous tracks a little bit. It doesn’t drop the energy of the album by any means, but it certainly provides a short break.

“Epidemic” is the titular track, and begins with a lot of intense guitars and drums, almost bleeding out the vocals which have a much fainter presence in this song. Instruments and vocals continue to blend excellently, but this song definitely had a stronger presence in the instrument part of the music than the vocals. The vocals seem to take on a bit more hold as the song continues, but the transition is incredibly smooth that I hardly noticed the shift in focus. “Epidemic” is an incredibly interesting song with a lot of different effects going on, both vocally and instrumentally. “Let Me Down” wraps up the album, starting with more intense guitars and some more traces of a music box inspiration. The vocals start off incredibly intensely in this song, and after the initial burst of quick pacing fades out the song takes on a more natural pacing, falling a few degrees in intensity but eventually growing a balance between the introductory speed and intensity and the slower, more melodic parts of the song. It’s a great song to end on because of the balance it creates between these several extremes. It ends rather suddenly, but stays ringing in your ears for a moment.

All in all, this EP was a lot of fun to listen to. It’s one of those that definitely offers a variety of new things each time you listen through it. If you haven’t heard it yet, I definitely recommend that you go and listen to it as soon as you have a spare twenty minutes.

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