“Disordered Loves” by Craymer, EP Review

Disorganized Loves EP Art. Image Cred: LaFamosDisordered Loves is the first EP from Craymer, a self-described electro-pop band from Seattle. Despite being labeled as electro-pop and other similar genres, every song on Disordered Loves draws inspiration from other genres and elements of music. This EP combines elements of soul, pop, electronic, and a bit of rock to create something brand new and original. Despite only being five songs long, Disordered Loves is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

“Good Enough” – the latest single from the EP – acts as a perfect first track and introduction into the EP. One of the things that I noticed is that it’s arranged in such a way so that the melody doesn’t ever get too monotonous, and you’re able to hear each of the elements that are present in the song. This trait is present in all of the songs on Disordered Loves, making it easy and fun to listen to. In addition, there’s a nice flow from one song to the next, and all of the songs feel like they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

The lyrics and vocals on all of the songs are spectacular, easily my favorite thing about the EP. It’s almost as if each song tells its own story. The vocals weave in and out of the melodies, and the music paints a perfect picture in your mind. It takes no time at all to get lost in the music and the story that it tells. You’re bopping your head and swaying along to the music in no time. I really liked “To Make You Feel Loved” and “Underneath You.” The lyrics to both of these songs are absolutely beautiful, and the music builds and falls around the lyrics and vocals to help enhance what the song is talking about. Or at least it seems that way to me.

There’s nothing that I didn’t really like about Disordered Loves. It kept me entertained and engaged, and it’s totally fresh and unique. With the beautiful melodies and vocals, there’s absolutely no doubt that this band will go far.

Rating: 4.8/5

Image Cred: LaFamos PR

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