“Fairly Local” by Twenty One Pilots: Single Review

Earlier this week a new single from Twenty One Pilots was released. Now, I’ve been lucky enough to get to see them in person and they put on a fantastic show so I’m quite excited for there to be more music from the group. “Fairly Local” seems to be the starting point for all of that, with a new album looming in the not so distant future.

The song wastes no time in getting to the energy, seeming to pick up in a place that most songs build up to. The over all feeling of the song is spine tingling, and the vocals blend easily with all of the mixtures of instruments and sounds. The music is almost delightfully grating, with all the techniques and tricks used to mix the song coming together to make something simultaneously eerie sounding and simply gorgeous to the ears. “Fairly Local” is attention grabbing and powerful, and it pulls the listener into the song with ease. It holds a lot of promise for the group’s upcoming album and tour.

All in all, Twenty One Pilots continue to impress me and hold my attention. This was a great song that stayed ringing in my ears for some time after the music fell silent. It’s definitely worth the time it takes to listen to it. Twenty One Pilots nest album, Blurryface, is presently set to be released on May 19.

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