“Crystals” by Of Monsters and Men: Single Review

Of Monsters and Men’s new song “Crystals” dropped yesterday. With “Little Talks” still ringing in my ears it doesn’t feel quite like it’s been three years since there last album, but three years it has been and it’s onwards towards a new album and all the songs that come with that. I’ve liked what I’ve heard of the group so far, but “Little Talks” tap danced on the very edge of being played too much for me. Hopefully “Crystals” will be the break in music that I need.

“Crystals” has an incredibly strong beginning, building quickly and catching the attention as the vocals slip in among the loud percussion instruments. It easily stands out from the still obscenely popular “Little Talks” as it has a much fiercer feeling rather than the melodic tones that accompany “Little Talks”. “Crystals” is attention grabbing, and makes me wonder where else this new album is going to go.  There are traces of the melodic nature I’ve associated with the group from what I’ve heard, but all in all “Crystals” is incredibly more forceful and attention grabbing.

It’s an interesting song that really grabbed my attention. It’s definitely worth a listen because it certainly stands out on its own when compared to the other popular songs by the group. Of Monsters and Men’s new album, Beneath the Skin, is currently set to be released on June 9.

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