“Madness” by Sleeping With Sirens, Album Review

Madness Album Art. Image Cred: Epitaph Records Madness is the fourth album by Sleeping With Sirens, and their first album released through Epitaph Records. The album starts off with the guitar-heavy, upbeat song called “Kick Me.” This isn’t typically what you’d expect a first track to be – actually, it’s a little bit much for the first track. But just like getting into a cold pool, it’s just better to dive right into it. “Kick Me” has a nice melody and instrumentals, as well as oddly inspiring lyrics and amazing vocals from lead singer Kellin Quinn.

Inspiring lyrics are a constant theme for Madness – all of the songs have really inspiring, positive lyrics. They sing about solidarity, about finding a place even when you don’t feel like you don’t belong anywhere. And the lyrics are simple, going with the melody of the songs, so the meaning behind them isn’t lost in translation. There are a couple of songs that aren’t as uplifting as others on the album, and “Better Off Dead” is the first one to come to mind. But even that song has a really great message behind it.

Every song has a different musical element that’s brought front and center, driving the song forward. This keeps the album from becoming monotonous, and it gives all of the songs a unique feel and sound to them. I was kind of fascinated by this, and was totally immersed in the songs trying to hear all of the different qualities of each song. The consistent theme found in the lyrics as well as Quinn’s voice tied all of the songs together really nicely, making them seem like they belonged on the same album even with their individual sounds. Though the songs individuality was really great, it didn’t really work out all of the time. The flow of the album isn’t the easiest, which makes it seem disjointed some of the time – like one song shouldn’t lead into another, and it doesn’t feel quite in place. But of all the things to be wrong with an album, the flow is one of the better things to be wrong.

Over all, I think my favorite thing about this album was the overall positivity of it. And it wasn’t necessarily in a bad way, where you’re bashing others at the same as you’re talking yourself up, or a depressing way either. Madness gave the sort of positivity that people, young kids especially, need now a days. And it made the album that much better to listen to.

Rating: 4.5/5

Image Cred: Epitaph Records.

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