“Irish Heartbeat” by Van Morrison

“Irish Heartbeat” is a single recently released by Van Morrison that features Mark Knopfler. While I know very little about either artist, I thought the song would be nice to cover today since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. At the very least, the two are loosely connected, and it’s an interesting time to post it either way.

The song itself moves at a steady pace. It’s not too quick or too slow, but moves along at a plod that suits it quite well. It has a gorgeous instrument composition, and the vocals hold the attention for the majority of the song as the lyrics paint a picture of a generic home for the listener, adding a more emotive dimension to the song. At times, the vocals feel a bit garbled to me, but it seems to add to the song rather than pulling away from it. There are periods where the instruments carry the song as the vocals are silent, and a balance between focus on the vocals and instruments is easily created by the song. It’s a very sweet and powerful song that’s quite easy to listen to. I quite like listening to it.

“Irish Heartbeat” is one of the re-imagined songs featured on the upcoming Duets: Re-working the Catalogue which was released earlier today in the UK and is set to be released to the US and the rest of the world on March 24. The album features several artists other than Mark Knopfler who were selected by Van Morrison to be his duet partners on this album such as he daughter Shana Morrison, Michael Bublé, and Joss Stone. For more details about the album, there is a full and very detailed listing of duet partners and tracks on the album on Van Morrison’s site.

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