“Believe” by Mumford & Sons: Single Review

Mumford and Sons have always put out exceptionally pretty music in my opinion. Their tracks are emotive and energetic and manage to grip the attention even if one is only casually listening to the radio at that time. So I’m pretty eager to hear their new song “Believe” because I know that it’s very unlikely that I’ll walk away from it disappointed.

The song starts off slowly, but there is a lot of emotion behind the lyrics that helps draw the song along. The song elegantly builds to an explosion of energy, switching the track from something soft and simple in design to a myriad of energetic instruments. The change can be seen as sudden, or it can be said that there was always the promise of a build from the first slow note of the song.

All in all, it was another excellent song from Mumford & Sons. If you haven’t taken the time to listen to it yet, I highly recommend you take out the short amount of time it takes to listen to the song. Mumford & Sons upcoming album, Wilder Mind, is currently set to release on May 4 of this year.

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