“Turn It On” EP by Eli Young Band, Album Review

'Turn It Up' by Eli Young Band. Courtesy Republic Nashville Just a year after their last album, 10,000 Towns, Eli Young Band have come out with a brand new EP called Turn It On. Now, the Eli Young Band isn’t anything new – they’ve been around since 2008 and have released a few albums since then. If you’re a fan of country music, you’ve definitely heard of them. And you’d probably like their new EP.

The EP starts out with the title track “Turn It On,” which is a good first track for the album. It’s got a really nice and catchy melody. The melody is paired with good lyrics and a great flow, which almost guaranteed to make it an instant hit on the country charts. He’s singing about a girl who turns him on and drives him crazy, and the other three songs follow along with that same theme of singing about a girl. In a way, I like this, because it makes it seem like all of the songs are telling a story about this one girl he first met in a bar. Love songs are always a hit, and they’re nice to listen to. What I don’t like about this approach is that love songs can get boring quick.

All of the songs flow really nicely together – but there’s only four songs, which is typical for an EP. The only problem that comes from this is that the songs flow so well together and have similar sounds, that it becomes a little bit hard to differentiate the songs if you just have it playing in the background on loop. I think that the Eli Young Band would have been much better off waiting until they could have made a full album, with varying sounds and themes to it.

The one thing that I liked about the more upbeat songs (“Turn It Up” and “Drink You Up”) were that it wasn’t the typical guitar. There were other elements to the songs that kind of knocked it up a level, and made those songs interesting and fun to listen to. Those elements were in the other two songs too, but not as present.

In the end, this EP is great and I highly recommend that you listen to it if you’re an Eli Young Band fan. And there are definitely songs off of this that I will be coming back to. But as for originality, it scores way low. In the end as far as the theme and even the sound of the songs, it sounds like almost every other mainstream country song. Though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

EP Rating: 4.1/5

Image Cred: Republic Nashville

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