“Kids in the Dark” by All Time Low, Music Video Review

All Time Low Band. Image Cred: Infectious Magazine All Time Low have released an electric new song, called “Kids in the Dark.” One of the best things about All Time Low is their ability to connect to their fans, and being able to express that feeling of not quite fitting in. At the same time, All Time Low’s song still embrace the best things in life – like partying or the good spots in a relationship, to just name a few. This song isn’t really any different, and the music video perfectly highlights that quality.

“Kids in the Dark” itself is upbeat, guitar driven, with an addictive melody. But as always, the driving force behind the song are the lyrics and vocals from lead singer Alex Gaskarth. The lyrics hold a lot more weight to them than the upbeat melody would suggest, but at the same time provide a sort of sense of hopefulness. It’s like the new anthem song for all of the teenagers that don’t quite feel like they fit in right now.

The music video only solidifies that theory. The video tells a story of a teenager whose parents are fighting, and she’s invited to escape with “the kids in the dark.” Sure enough she escapes to a party that’s held in a dark area of town, with neon body paint that glows in the dark. The kids are making a mess, having fun, letting loose, and it really gives you a sense of what “Kids in the Dark” is all about. The overall message from the video and the song is that it’s not all bad, and even at the worst of times, you’re not alone, and you can still have fun.

The cinematography is beautiful too. You can easily see all of the different elements, and the transitions from scene to scene aren’t too harsh or confusing. My only complaint was that the band seemed a little bit too separate from the actual storyline of the video, acting more as narrators. Though that isn’t a bad thing at all.

The music video really helps get that message through, and it gives a tiny bit more depth to the song – not that it needed it, with lyrics like “What a Shame / What A Shame / Beautiful Scars on / Critical Veins.” But it also amplifies other parts of the song, the parts that make it a hopeful revival song (“We come together / state of the art / We’ll never surrender / The Kids in the Dark”). It’s actually really beautiful.

Overall Music Video Rating: 4.7/5

Image Cred: Infectious Magazine

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