Band COIN. Image Cred to COINSo it’s a little short at just three songs, but these three songs make a decent sized impression. You’re immediately dragged in by the upbeat melodies and intriguing vocals. Soon you’re bopping your head along and grooving in your seat, maybe even singing along under your breath. It unexpectedly drags you in, and that’s what I loved most about it.

COIN has a unique, upbeat and energetic sound to them that’s consistent throughout all three songs. Each three songs stands on it’s own, a unique work of art all combined together to make a pretty amazing ten minute EP. “Run” started off with a catchy melody and nice guitar that grab your attention, right until the moment where the vocals and lyrics seal the deal. I loved the vocals – they blend in fantastically with the song most times, and there’s never a worry about it feeling out of place.

All of the songs are wonderfully arranged and layered, so that you can hear almost all of the elements. There’s no driving element in the songs, which forces you to listen to the song all at once instead of picking out one element at a time. Usually this tactic kind of makes the songs blend together, or makes the instruments blend together in the most boring manner, but COIN managed to keep your attention throughout all three songs.

My only complaint is that sometimes the vocals blend in too well with the song, and it’s hard to tell what the lyrics are unless you have a sheet to follow along with. But even with that minor detail aside, I was still pretty impressed.

EP Rating: 3.9/5

Image Cred: COIN 

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