“Iron Sky” by Paolo Nutini, Song Review

Paolo Nutini. Image Cred: Dan Massie, Digital Spy“Iron Sky” may very well have started out as a “slow burner” single off of Scottish singer/ songwriter Paolo Nutini’s album Caustic Love, but it has combusted into one hell of a blaze.

The song starts with a low deep bass; just a few notes to introduce the psychedelic guitar which gives way to Paolo Nutini’s voice. The song cries with lyrics that tell a story to rise above the Iron Sky of suppression and pollution that is slowly taking over society’s mind. “Iron sky” is a song that is a compelling stirring blend of conscious-soul subject wrapped up in a deep, deep-soul style. Paolo’s strong lyrical message echoes the voices of yesterday like Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gay with the same smooth, seductive gut intensity.

Paolo Nutini’s voice drips with emotion and passion, with his rich sultry tones and soulful grit. As his voice cries to politicians to rise to freedom, the song breaks into a sample from Charlie Chaplin’s speech in his Hitler–lampooning 1940s film, The Great Dictator (“You are not machines! You are not cattle!”). That truly is captivating.

Paolo Nutini is not new on the scene; his first album These Streets was released in 2006. Caustic Love is his third album, released in 2014 through Atlantic Records. Nevertheless, he is still causing much well deserved talk! Paolo is well known in the UK and across Europe, and now the United States is finally taking notice. “Iron Sky” hypnotic mixture of bluesy rhythms, psychedelic melodies’ and jazzy horns combined with his sexy voice and soulful message truly hooks you in.

Song Rating: 4/5

Image Cred: Dan Massie, Digital Spy

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