“Of Beauty and Rage” by Red, Album Review

'Of Beauty and Rage' Album Cover, Image Cred to RedOf Beauty and Rage is the fifth album by the Nashville Christian-Rock band, Red. Don’t let that stop you from listening, as they go far beyond their actual genre with their music. In a style similar to Muse, they’ve managed to use and manipulate different elements and styles of music to create something that sounds totally new.

The album starts off with a sort of slow instrumental, “Descent.” It might take a bit of strict paying attention, but note by note you’re slowly pulled into the album and all that it has to offer. I was almost disappointed when I Started to hear more guitar and drums than pretty orchestra instruments, but the disappointment didn’t last for long. Almost every song on the album features some sort of unique, not frequently heard in rock n roll instrument.

And that’s what keeps you interested – it’s not just strumming guitars and bashing drums; it’s those instruments plus violins, pianos, and so many other instruments¬†that I can’t even begin to place that are all woven together to create an intricate melody that you can get lost in. That’s what I loved the most about the album – it kept you on your toes and was downright beautiful.

It’s unique. There’s nothing even close to it.

“Darkest Part” was one of my favorite songs on the album, lyrically and instrumentally. Though there’s other songs that managed to grab my attention. “The Forest,” while being just five seconds short of a full minute long and purely instrumental, was beautiful – as was the album’s introduction, “Descent.” And “Yours Again” was another favorite of mine, just because I could get lost in it.

The only thing that I didn’t like was that sometimes the vocals seemed out of place and sometimes were hard to hear – even with my headphone’s turned up. But other than that, it’s arranged and layered beautifully.

The album is about fifteen songs long, exactly an hour long if you listen through Spotify. It’s one of those albums that it has so much going on in it that you have to listen to it again and again, and will find something new to love about it every time.


Image Cred to Red

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