“I Want You To Know” by Zedd: Single Review

 Zedd released a new track featuring Selena Gomez recently, and it certainly lives up to the normal amount of energy any given Zedd track contains. The track starts gentle enough, but Gomez’s vocals quickly pull the song along as the energy builds. From there out, the energy just continues to grow and expand.

Gomez’s voice compliments the higher pitched electronic music perfectly, and the two create a fantastic balance that really makes the song easy to listen to. Though her vocals can bring the overall pacing of the song down a bit slow at points, the song as a whole never lacks in the energy that can be commonly associated with Zedd.

All in all, it’s a track that’s really easy to listening. Beyond that, it didn’t make too much of an impression on me, despite being a perfectly nice song. I do recommend listening to it if you haven’t yet because it may fare better to you than it did for me, but it’ll probably be some time before I want to listen to it again.

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