“Behind Your Eyelids” by Panic is Perfect, Album Review

Album Art for 'Behind Your Eyelids' by Panic is Perfect. Image Cred: Panic is PerfectIt’s my absolute pleasure to review Behind Your Eyelids by Panic is Perfect this week. Behind Your Eyelids is presumably the first EP from the relatively new San Francisco band, and it only has five songs. But each song is absolutely beautiful and it keeps you wanting more.

The first track on the album (“Go Go Go”) grabs your attention with an interesting melody and absolutely breathtaking instrumentals. You’re instantly lost to the music and totally enamored with what you’re hearing. The arrangements on each and every song are amazing, enabling you for most of the songs to hear everything that the song has to offer.

The vocals are amazing too. Arranged beautifully and paired with great lyrics, they add a magic to the songs that just enhances the whole song as a whole. It also helps to create the amazing flow from one song to the next.

But even with the impressive arrangements, there’s still one or two songs where you have a hard time hearing all of the different instruments and understanding the vocals. That doesn’t make the songs on Behind Your Eyelids any less beautiful, though.

“Echo” and “Build A Wall” were the two songs that I absolutely loved. There was just something about those two songs that made it easy for me to lose myself in the music and never want to be found again. Though I love every song on Behind Your Eyelids really, so it’s unfair of me to even try to pick favorites.

If I had to describe this band, I would say they’re like a mix of Matt Kearney and Ed Sheeran, and you can definitely hear influences from those two artists on this album. Though even that doesn’t really properly describe their style and who they are, and what their music is like. They’re a totally new, interesting and unique band that is well on their way to being on the Top 40 Charts. I wish them the best of luck.

EP Rating: 4.3/5

Image Cred: Panic is Perfect.

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