“Alt-Delete” by Lions Lions, Single Review

Lions Lions band. Image Cred: AltPressThe new song “Alt-Delete” was posted to the Lions Lions Facebook page earlier today. It is the second song off of their new EP, Changing The Definition that’s going to drop on March 3rd.

The song starts off with some pretty heavy drums and faint backing vocals that manage to get your attention before the song even really starts. That’s one of the things that I noticed first about this song, the vocals and the lyrics. The vocals are really great, flowing naturally with the song and just amplifying it, driving the song forward without overpowering or taking away from the melody. The song is made up by a sweet, sort of guitar driven, upbeat melody that fits in perfectly with what the lyrics are saying, as well as the vocals that are used on this song.

What I really like about this song is that it gives you the freedom to do so many things – you can headbang, you can sing along, you can just sit back and groove, or you can listen closely and get lost in it. There’s no one aspect of the song that takes away from anything else, making it easier to appreciate the song as a whole thing instead of just one or two aspects of it.

However, in the grand scheme of things and with all of the music that I’ve heard… the melody really isn’t anything phenomenally unique, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.  If you listen closely, you’re able to tell apart the different instruments, hearing the little bit of magic that each one adds to the song. They finish very much on the same sort of note that they started on – the heavy drums and faint backing vocals, bringing the song full circle and making you want to listen to it over and over.


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