“The Spoils of Youth, Laid Waste by Age” by Heavy Horse, Album Review

Album Art for "The Spoils of Youth, Laid Waste by Age" Cred: Waybridge Records BandcampHeavy Horse is a self-described “sludgy post hardcore doom” band from St. Louis, Missouri. Tomorrow (February 13th) they’re releasing their sophomore album, The Spoils of Youth, Laid Waste by Age through DIY Labels Waybridge Records and Eat Tapes. Since the people at Waybridge Records are awesome, Music Unlabeled got to listen to the album early through Bandcamp; and it’s pretty sweet stuff.

The genre that Heavy Horse came up with for themselves fit perfectly. All through the album I was trying to find a way to describe them, and I just couldn’t, but they nailed it. This band obviously isn’t one about fitting into labels, genres, or any specific set of guidelines for music or how to do music. They just want to do something that they have fun with and enjoy, and you can tell that right from the get-go. So they get major points for that, because that’s what music is all about.

The start of the album is pretty slow and it takes a while to get into. But once you get into it, it’s pretty nice and relaxing. All of the songs are high on noise but energetically, pretty low key. There wasn’t really any song that made me want to break out singing or rock out – just sway rhythmically to, and that isn’t a bad thing at all.

Overall, the vocals are decent, but I wasn’t really crazy about them. But that’s just me and my taste in music. The vocals definitely fit in with most of the songs, and just from this album you can tell that they have a lot of potential to grow and develop as singers.

My favorite songs on this album were “Goliath” and “No Man.” I can’t even begin to tell you why. “Goliath” is a purely instrumental track that has a great melody and sound to it, and is by far one of the most unique songs on the album. “No Man” is a fitting closing track for the album, and a nice way to tone things down. Lyrically, it leaves a lot to be desired, but you can definitely feel the emotion in the track. That’s what’s important.

Overall, Heavy Horse is doing an amazing thing and just by looking through their Facebook posts, you can tell that they’re loving what they’re doing, and I love that. They put emotion and passion into their songs, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s what makes The Spoils of Youth, Laid Waste by Age a good album. However, this album just isn’t one of my favorites. I found it hard to get into, and lyrically all of the songs were a bit too doom for my tastes. But I really do admire what they’re doing. And I especially like that they’re releasing their album on cassette through Eat Tapes as well.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

If you want to learn more about Heavy Horse, you can check them out on their Facebook Page. You can also check out Waybridge Records and Eat Tapes on their Facebook Pages too.

Image Credit to Waybridge Records Bandcamp Page.

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