“Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review

Sheppard Band, Image Cred to wearesheppard.comTheir hit song “Geronimo” has been playing absolutely every where lately, but the band Sheppard isn’t done yet. Despite being immensely popular, I didn’t think too much of “Geronimo” – too poppy for my taste, not intricate enough, and way overplayed. But Sheppard’s newest song “Find Someone” is almost something totally different.

“Find Someone” has a softer melody and slower tempo that make it a refreshing change of pace from the hit single that came before it. The vocals are smooth, rich, and fit in perfectly with the song. I was really impressed with the song’s lyrics, which seem a lot more raw and intricate than what I originally expected from the band at first. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a band by their first hit song.

The instrumentals are just as intricate as the lyrics, instrument carefully layered over instrument to form the perfect, catchy melody that we hear in the song. It gives off this kind of acoustic-rock-dance vibe that makes it really unique compared to most pop songs out there right now.

However, as far as the melody goes… I’m really, heavily reminded of the 2010 hit, “Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner. As far as far as the lyrics and their meaning, it’s right up that alley too. And after I finally placed why the melody was so catchy, yet familiar, it was actually pretty disconcerting, not going to lie.

Even with the similarities, “Find Someone” is a really good song that stands manages to stand on its own. I have no doubt that it’ll be another hit for the band. And it’s perfect if you’re not in the couple-y romancing mood for this Valentine’s Day. “Find Someone” is off of the debut album from Sheppard, called Bombs Away. You can listen to it on Spotify or buy it through iTunes.

Overall Rating for this song: 3.5/5

Image Cred: wearesheppard.com

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