“Absolution Calling” by Incubus, Song Review

Incubus Band - Image Cred to DIY Mag

Incubus Band - Image Cred to DIY MagAfter four years of silence since their last album If not now, When?, Incubus have come out with a band new song called “Absolution Calling.” The band posted a ten second teaser clip from the song on their Facebook last week along with the song’s release date, February 5th 2015. Today, they released the song with a lyric video that you can watch below.

The song starts off with a sound effect that sounds a little bit out of this world, and is quickly joined with a killer bass and snap-percussion. The interesting melody and rhythm captures your attention right away – but if you’re like me only know Incubus by some of their most popular songs (“Wish You Were Here” and “Drive” for example), then it might come as a tiny bit of a shock.

“Absolution Calling” relies a bit more on synthesizers and has an overall heavier, more intricate sound and melody; with different instruments, vocals, and sounds carefully layered on top of one another. You don’t really realize it until you close your eyes and listen with really good headphones, though. At my first listen through, it sounded like a rather laid back rock-hit. And in some ways it is.

But what it lacks in heavy-metal rock sound, it makes up for in vocals and lyrics. The lyrics to “Absolution Calling” are definitely on the more heavier side of things. Even the word “absolution” means formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment. But I’ll leave you to interpret the meaning of the lyrics. The vocals in this are absolutely amazing. Passionate and unique with every word, they fit in with the song and guide the melody perfectly.

Overall, the song is very good – though it is a little bit of a different sound for the band. But if they sounded the same way that they did back in 1991, they wouldn’t be interesting would they? What I do know is that this song gets me excited for the EP that they’re releasing on March 24th, titled Trust Fall (Side A). According to many interviews found around the web, we should be able to expect Trust Fall (Side B) sometime this year too.

So over all, this song gets a 5/5 for being just plain great.

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