“Broken Generation” by Of Mice & Men, Music Video Review

Of Mice & Men Band

Of Mice & Men BandOf Mice & Men premiered a music video for their new song, “Broken Generation,” at Billboard earlier today. The song is from the upcoming reissue of their third studio album (Restoring Force: Full Circle) that drops on February 24th. You can watch the video below the article too.

With a lot of music videos, you feel like you’re just hearing a song on the radio – it’s not personal at all, and it does nothing to catch your attention, let alone tell a story. But the “Broken Generation” video captures your attention right away, and keeps it till the very end. You’re connecting to the video and the story it’s telling.

The song itself is a guitar driven rock anthem with great vocals and lyrics to match. The video is seemingly about people unplugging themselves from society’s norms to notice the world and people around them, and it really sets the tone and emphasizes the story that the song is trying to tell.

The cinematography is absolutely beautiful, fitting in with the actual melody and sound of the song as well as the story that it’s trying to tell. The flashes between the story line and the band keep the focus on the music and what the lyrics are saying. And the way that the band members themselves weave in and out of the story as both narrators and characters personalizes the story quite a bit.

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