“Y & Y EP” by Years & Years – EP Review

Album Art

Album Art

Years & Years is an electro-pop trio group from England, formed in 2010 but arguably still pretty new on the scene. And from the sounds of their latest EP, they’ve got no where to go but up.

The EP is only four songs (for a total of just roughly fifteen minutes) long, but it definitely leaves its mark. The flow is outstanding. It draws you in with a slow but quick-picking up beat and absolutely killer soul vocals from lead singer, Olly Alexander. The R&B feel that Alexander adds to each song, paired with the influences of ’90s dance music, manages to give the band a totally unique sound that makes them stand out from other dance music/electronic artists like David Guetta and Zedd.

The lyrics are very impressive, and each song has a strong instrumental flare while at the same time having a catchy, constant beat to groove to. The vocals weave in and out of the songs, bringing every single note to life. However, with the same elements being used for fifteen straight minutes, it’s almost difficult to tell one song from the other.

The EP brings it down with the last song, “Memo”, which is a soft melody with a heavy focus on vocals, keyboard, and percussion verses the heavy electronic presence in the other three songs. To me, it’s the track that stood out the most, as it showed the full range of the group’s talent and capabilities.

I would have loved for this to be longer, or I would have loved to get a full album from them – but I can definitely see where a smaller EP is better for them as a band, to give them room to grow at their own pace. But I’m looking forward to hearing what else this band has to offer.

The rating for this EP: 3.5/5

Image Credit: RnB Xclusive, Years & Years

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