Black Sun by Death Cab for Cutie: Single Review

Within the last week or so there’s been a fair amount of new music, including this new track from Death Cab For Cutie! So to ease into what is more than likely going to be a very busy week for me, I decided to get the review for it.

The track starts off with an slow, echoing melody as it leads into the vocals. The vocals flow easily with the slightly dark opening, and there’s a teasing hint of energy building in the background. The track doesn’t explode into noise so early in the song, but the speed picks up marginally as it continues to build, using the teasing energy to precede more minimalist parts where the melody from instruments leaves and it’s simply the vocals and a few instruments. However, it’s at this point that there is a strong pick up of guitars for a moment before the song returns to it’s basic overall style, although it is clearly slightly faster than it was at the beginning. The song ends quietly, and the song seems to reverberate in the mind afterwards.

It’s a very interesting song and I find it somewhat relaxing to listen to today for some reason. I definitely think that you ought to give it a listen because it’s certainly got me wondering what else Death Cab For Cutie has in store for us this year. Their next album, Kintsugi, is presently set to release on March 31.

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