Top Ten Muse Songs

We’re big Muse fans here at Music Unlabeled, and it was a dual run Muse fanblog that actually eased us in to creating the much larger scale Music Unlabeled. So it was only a matter of time before we managed to include a playlist from this band’s catalog. But I could go on for hours about Muse, so let’s just get into the meat of the playlist.

  • Panic Station – This is an incredibly catchy and energetic song that never fails to leave me in a good mood with some spring in my step. It’s such a fun song to listen too and the video that goes along with it is an absolute trip.
  • Save Me – We pull a 180 with this song, switching from the high geared and fun of Panic Station and delving into a darker and more emotional  space. To me, Save Me is a song that anyone can find themselves in at some point in their lives. How they got there might differ, but the emotions can easily be said to be highly similar.
  • Uprising – An energetic song, uprising makes the list because of it’s accidental role in bringing about an entire science fiction universe by accident. It makes the writing playlists for two other projects at a minimum, but for now it’s most heavily associated with the lovely new areas of space I’m getting to write about with a cast of very strange and somewhat spooky looking characters.
  • Resistance – This song is one I listen to quite often as it makes almost every single one of my writing playlists. It bends to many of the stories that I write and helps me reach a more emotional stance within the minds of the characters I write.
  • Invincible – This song catches me with it’s more melodic qualities and is also one of the many songs that make my writing playlists. I adore it deeply, and there are several parts of it that don’t apply as much to my writing as I would like to pretend they do. There is a good portion of the song that speaks directly to a part of my soul, and helps me get into a better head space at times.
  • Assassin – This song is what helps to get me pumped up and ready to take on the day, however it may go. The energy is what really catches me, and it very rarely ever lets me go before it ends and leaves me ready to do something with all the energy that’s built up inside of me while listening to the song.
  • Knights Of Cydonia – I adore this song. I just absolutely positively adore this song and the quiet story that it always manages to tell, lyrics be damned. It makes it’s way onto plenty of playlists for my writing projects, and overall just holds an incredibly large part of my attention at all times.
  • Time Is Running Out – This was my first favorite song by the group, and it’s stayed a pretty constant favorite throughout the years I’ve been listening to Muse. It helps motivate me and it almost always makes it’s way onto writing playlists for when I really need to get some work done.
  • Unintended – This song helps me feel at ease when I start to stress over hypothetical future romantic liaisons. It’s not an area that I have a lot of faith in for many reasons and this song somehow makes all of that go silent for a bit and I can envision having that sort of relationship without a myriad of things to get in the way of it.
  • Sunburn – This song always draws me in as it’s so easy to lose myself in. There’s a myriad of thoughts and scenarios that it brings up in me and it usually helps me find something that I need to work on to make myself into a better person. Outside of those moments, the song is just one that I enjoy listening to.

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