Top Ten Lifehouse Songs

Lifehouse is a quiet constant in my music library. The music they put out is always there when I get the urge to turn it on. Needless to say I’m excited about their new upcoming album, Seven. However, that’s not for a few more months yet so let’s get into the meat of why it’s these ten songs that stand out the most to me.

  • Halfway Gone – This song made the list because it appeals to the part of me that’s trying so hard to better myself but understands that I can’t keep running around in order to do that, despite the urge to travel and explore being a sort of constant for me. Which, ultimately, doesn’t help me improve socially because I feel so half-transient despite not actively traveling anywhere at the moment.
  • Hanging By A Moment – This song does a little of the same thing as the first track on the playlist, but in an extremely different way. It highlights what I think I need in order to stop cutting myself off in favor of traveling the world someday, as well as highlighting the negative affects I feel my plans to get better are bound to have. But someday… maybe some one or some place or something will grab me and make me stop and cling to that one moment.
  • Lady Day – This song makes the list because of the different aspects of me I’ve created in order to get through life so far, and the ones I think I’ll need to continue getting through it in the future. There’s a lot of points in the song that illustrate the different negative and positive traits I’ve accumulated, but overall the song just helps me feel at peace with all of them.
  • Smoke & Mirrors – This song really catches my urge to live somewhere with a little more excitement in the day to day than where I currently am. I crave the excitement so much
  • Falling In – This song has a way of calming me down when I’m starting to stress out over any multitude of things. I can’t even begin to explain why it soothes me the way it does, I just know that it does.
  • Nerve Damage – This song helps me get pumped back up after I’ve managed to calm down. Sometimes you just need a good fight song to help you feel ready to tackle the more daunting things on your long term list, and this song manages to fill that space for me.
  • All That I’m Asking For – This is another song that helps calm me down when I’m starting to stress out. i just find a lot of what its saying to coincide with what I can see myself being like when I finally get around to attempting to have relationships of a more romantic nature.
  • Whatever It Takes – This song speaks to the part of me that tries to be aware of my more extreme habits when it comes to both socializing and getting better at it. It takes a lot of work for me sometimes.
  • Broken – This is another song that calms me down as well as helps me get a better grasp on a situation a lot of the time. It’s been a favorite song of mine for quite some time, and will undoubtedly stay that way for some time.
  • Unknown – This song really speaks to a part of me that likes the fight that I put up in order to figure out whats going to help the most. I crave the adventure and part of me craves the unknown as well. Life just feels wrong to me when i’m living safely and within expected lines.

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